The view from the bathroom window

Ok, so it’s a little early to be thinking about planting anything in the vegetable patch. There is, after all, a six foot snowman gently melting on the lawn.

But it’s good to have something to look forward to, and all this crappy weather is making me impatient for the growing season. Normally I’d wait until the middle of this month but a bunch of seeds arrived in the post and that, combined with the extravagence of a brand new heated propagator (of which more later), has led inexorably to the arrival of 10 small pots looking for a home.

I’ve started with some tomatoes (harbinger left over from last year and new-for-2009 buissonante), mini aubergines “orlando F1” and the rather more exotic mexican tomatillo (Physalis Ixocarpa) – in case I ever feel the need to make an authentic salsa.

They’re currently sitting on the bathroom window upstairs, relatively warm and reasonably safe from the prying hands of three small boys. They’ll be fine with a little water and some regular turning to stop them tilting towards the light too much. And in a couple of months they’ll make the short trip to the bottom of the garden where they will take up residence in the greenhouse.

In the meantime Ive got about a week to find a home for the 16 pots that went into the propagator yesterday…

On the i-pod while planting: The Jesus and Mary Chain / Sowing Seeds.

It had to be really, didn’t it?