The epitome of Spring

Is there any more evocative sign of spring than the daffofil? Answers on a postcard please. Perhaps the tulip, the other big bulb to appear at this time of year? They’ve got the variety for sure, and far more different colours than daffs,  but tulips don’t have the entrancing scent that comes with Wales’ finest flower.

And the other contenders don’t come close – snowdrops are too tiddly small and dull, crocuses are not much more than jumped up buttercups and bluebells are nice, but not a lot more.

The daffodil comes in a myraid shades, from the classic egg-yolk yellow to subtler tones of cream, like Narcissus Poeticus at the bottom of the garden (and in the pic above), is just the right height for cutting and dropping in a vase, and lasts for ages.

And then there’s the intoxicating scent; heavy, floral (well, dur!) and fresh, a welcome blast of the garden in a house that has been starved of such things for far too long.

The scent of daffodils drifting through the house makes the heart sing. And the best thing about it? It means that summer is just around the corner…